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Psych Media’s Monthly Maintenance Plan

  • Up to two (2) hours of basic edits and changes
  • Technical support when you need it
  • Added security features
  • Select platform updates
  • Monthly website backup

Your website needs consistent attention. Our experienced specialists can handle your WordPress maintenance needs so you don’t have to.

Why wait? Your website is your business. Subscribe today to make sure your website is as strong as it can be. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about these monthly services.

Website maintenance starting at only$429 per month.

A support team on call for your website needs.

Get the reassurance you deserve and know your website is in good hands so you can focus on running your business and enjoying life.

This basic plan for $429 covers basic websites – WordPress or similar CMS, HTML/PHP, and more. If you don’t think your website is basic, email us directly with any questions, or contact us through our homepage with a specific inquiry.

Regular Website Maintenance: Framework, Theme styles, and Plugin Updates

Why does my website need to be updated frequently?

Any website platform you choose will always be evolving and updating. Sometimes website updates will be small and unnoticeable since it does not affect the site’s function. Other times it could be a major change with new cutting edge features or security patches. It is important to perform these updates as they are released.

Some updates can break aspects of the site because it changes the way certain code is read by modern browsers. It is undoubtedly beneficial to have a developer who can troubleshoot and fix these issues if and when they arise.

The #1 reason to keep your site updated is for security. Most platforms can be easily infiltrated with the right expertise, software, and other network tools. Especially since WordPress is such a popular platform, more and more websites are being attacked – and most of the time, it goes unnoticed until it is too late. It is not uncommon for business owners and bloggers to leave their sites alone when they are busy. Experienced hackers can search these sites out and exploit the vulnerabilities their code. They do this to steal data, inject spam links, or even worse – insert malware onto your pages. Malicious software or malware can actually greatly harm customers visiting a website. For example, it could force your users to download harmful viruses or compromise sensitive and personal information.

The consequences of having malware on your site can be very serious. Anti-virus software installed locally on computers, like Norton or McAfee, will notify visitors and warn your viewers not to visit your site. Google crawlers will not only block visitors but also stop showing the site in search results. This will prevent your site from having any organic search traffic. Even worse – if your website is infected and your web server is acting as an email “phishing” mechanism, then your domain will become blacklisted and your emails will suddenly be rerouted to all of your recipients’ junk mail folder!

Monthly Performance Reports & Analysis

What is Organic Search Traffic and why should I track it?

Organic traffic is the measure of visits to your site from unpaid search engine results. Sites that are optimized for Google and Bing receive organic traffic everyday. This is because search crawlers could recognize the purpose of your website. Your site can then be shown in search results for your business name, products, or services.

If a site is not optimized for search, the search bots won’t be able to tell what your site is about. If they don’t put your site in their index, they won’t serve it to customers doing relevant searches. Contact us if you’re not sure whether your site is optimized and we can help get it there.

There are other sources of traffic to your site that you can track. These sources include: social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc.), links from other sites, advertising, and email promotions.

PerformIt is insightful to measure the number of visits to your site and track where they are coming from.
This is particularly true to when determining the efficacy of a marketing campaign. For example, if you spend $500 on an advertisement. You should be able to determine whether it drove $500 or more in business revenue. Analytics tracking makes this possible.

It is still useful to track in months when you are not running campaigns. Having a sense of your base natural traffic will help to improve it. A dramatic drop in traffic is an indicates there is a problem and can help diagnose it.

Our marketing specialists will deliver reports each month to let you know how your site is doing. We will offer suggestions for improvements or answer any questions. Having an analyst on hand makes the reporting more actionable.

Regular Website Backups

Why should I backup my website?

It’s a really good practice to keep your website backed up. Most of the time you won’t need the backups, but just in case something happens it’s good to have them.

When we are running updates on your site we will always back it up first. That way if the update causes a break in your site function we can immediately revert to the backup. Your website would have minimal (if any) downtime.

Backups are also very useful when migrating a site over to a new host. You can never be too safe when it comes to the world wide web – it still remains to be as wild as the wild wild west!

 Website Image and Copy Edits

Why can’t I make content edits myself?

Of course you can administer changes to your own website, since WordPress is easy to handle. But, not everyone is comfortable in the WordPress back-end.  Even for those who can make WordPress changes themselves, having us do your WordPress Maintenance will save you time. Saving time can make a huge difference, in any business owner’s day-to-day.

Plus, let’s not forget to expect the unexpected! Sometimes the simplest modification could take much longer than estimated. At the worst, it could break a site’s function, which would need immediate repair.

Don’t let small website edits stifle your daily productivity. We can make all your WordPress Maintenance edits, just email the changes to us and we’ll pop them in. We can make any changes that would take us two hours or less at no extra hourly charge.

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